Everyone can draw.
All it takes is a little practice
and someone to show you how.

DrawStuffRealEasy is hosted by professional illustrator and Champion of Drawing, Shoo Rayner, who has illustrated over 300 children’s books, working with major international publishers around the world, collaborating with great authors like Michael Rosen and Sir Michael Morpurgo.

Follow Shoo’s simple, DrawStuffRealEasy step by step videos and surprise yourself.

All you need is a pencil, a pen, an eraser and, of course some paper, though you can always use an old envelope or cornflakes packet if you have run out, so there is no excuse!

Illustrate your reports or homework and decorate cards and posters.

Pictures speak a thousand words, and a drawing says a lot about you. Drawing also helps you to remember facts and details that words just can’t explain.

If you use Shoo’s videos a lot and would like to support his work, please buy a book or join him on Patreon, to get ad free videos and and insights into how he makes his books and what he gets up to while growing the DrawStuffRealEasy brand into a worldwide, household name!