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DRAW A DEATH’S HEAD HAWK MOTH Real Easy – step by step video

Learn how to draw a Death’s Head Hawk Moth Real Easy for kids and beginners with this step by step video tutorial.

Remember – if you get a bit stuck or the video goes too fast for you, you can always stop the video by pressing the space bar. Then you can then rewind and replay as many times as you like.

The death’s head on the body of the moth is just a pattern and holds no evil intent, though it may frighten off some predators.

The Death’s Head Hawk Moth makes a strange clicking scream when it is frightened. Thos may be another way of scaring off predators.

The Death’s Head Hawk Moth can enter beehives and raid them for honey without being stung. It is thought it uses pheromone smells to confuse the bees and thick them into thinking it is one of their own!

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